Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Late winter and early spring are great times for birding. No scrubby underbrush, no leafy tree cover, no mosquitos.....

Ways for families to add birding to their nature study
  • Supply food and water for birds outside your home
  • Spend time watching birds (at home or maybe behind a bird blind like the one at Jester Park), potentially with the following options:
    • sketching birds
    • photographing birds
    • observing with binoculars
    • using a field guide or recordings
  • Talk with an experienced birder (search for educational programs such as the one next week in Des Moines)
  • Start a life list
  • Read picture books about birds. Park packs are free and have great choices for titles.

The Iowa Ornithologists Union has a website where people give reviews of Iowa birding sites. I found a review for Raccoon River Park. The park was divided into habitats and the reviewer listed birds seen, and the potential for ones he did not see. You can double-check with the search box to find birding areas that are also geocaching sites -- it could be a two-for-one outing!

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