Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Queen's Elephant

Great view of the Des Moines River on the way to/from GC1YA0Y
The family and I have wanted to see a trail marker tree for a couple years now. Enter GC1YA0Y The Queen's Elephant. We combined a field trip to the Iowa Hindu Temple and Cultural Center with a hunt for this cache. (Look for a waymark soon!)

The location is interesting. We know that the tree is on Jester Park (county land) because of a comment left on the geocache page, yet on the way to the cache, we saw trees marked with USACE (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) washers. Also, we saw this property marker. 

It says "Army Corps of Engineers." This is an example of resource sharing. We're guessing that 28E agreements are in place after reading the Jester Park Master Plan. Back to the subject of trail marker trees....
The main difference I can see between this tree and other trail marker tree photos is the location of the bend in our find. It bends higher than an adult. The gallery we've perused has many photos; only one bends at such a height. All other traits are there -- knob from a second tree and it's an oak.

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