Saturday, November 14, 2009

WWFM VI: Fall Classic

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GC204XE World Wide Flash Mob

Today's event was great. WWFM's were the brainstorm of Podcachers Sonny and Sandy. Today's WWFM was created by The NVG. Creative and fun and only 15 minutes long! We had an on-looker on a red bike for a few minutes. Judging his expression, I think he may have been confused by the large amount of people having some wholesome fun with T-ball on a little dinky field.

I've mentioned event caches and caching events before (among other posts, see events from this summer and 2007's geo-breakfast). I cannot emphasize the fun of events. The coolest part of today's event was having the MVP of today's game, Weaky6, (also a homeschool family) win the title of FTF for THREE caches. He couldn't have claimed three FTF's if he hadn't attended the event!

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