Friday, July 6, 2007


In June, Des Moines area geocachers were invited to a breakfast get-together, GC132K5, in Johnston, a suburb north of Des Moines. Hoping that a geo-breakfast could be a regularly scheduled monthly gathering, the next two months were already scheduled before we left. The community is large enough to support a monthly gathering - YAY! This month, July, we gathered in Waukee, a suburb west of Des Moines.

Why would you attend such an event? Well, you can meet other people who will understand and sympathize with all your stories related to geocaching >snicker< . You get to see cool geocoins and travel bugs. Some really neat ones appeared at the June breakfast. You can exchange phone numbers with other cachers in case you need help with a find. You can get hints for and previews of caches. You can get new ideas and see different gear. And my favorite: you can find out what all those funny geocaching names really stand for. Happy caching, everyone. May your bug repellent work and your finds come quickly.


bumanfam said...

Argh! I saw this one on the schedule just before coming to DM for the weekend on business. Unfortunately, I wasn't to arrive until about 1100 Saturday, so missed it. I would have left earlier if I were traveling alone, but alas, I was not.

Unknown said...

Yes, it is fun putting faces to logs. You never would have guessed that NVG (which stand for Not Very Good...LOL..Okay Navigational Genius) was really not a total nerd/geek. And Bloodlust is just a normal guy and not a vampire.

It is always fun to meet those that challenge you with hides and race you to the finds.

I look forward to next month on the south side and then I think September may be in Ankeny and October back on the south side.

Allen (3AMT)