Saturday, June 6, 2009


juliecache at Cowboy, 6/6/09

I think this is safe to post. It's an event cache, so it will probably be gone after this week. Any spoilers here will be valid for just a few days. Cowboy was part of GEOSENSE, one of eighteen geocaches hidden as part of a geocaching event. As you walked up to "ground zero," you noticed a lasso hanging from a tree and a camo container in the water. Finders had to lasso the container, sign the log, then replace everything. You can see that I'm holding the rope (it was dry when we arrived, so jbhodj and drake and I were First to Find (FTF)) and the container is floating to my right. This cache was fun. The great wind today made everything even more fun.

Events are a great way to meet others and build community among other hobbyists (and manics), and it's easy to find a buddy to cache with. Mr. GAIN is always afraid that something bad will happen if I hunt for caches alone. We scored a few FTF's, which always gets your spirits up.

My caching partner today was jbhodj and drake, and we definitely found caches quicker with each other than solo. He also called me when I lost my phone in the tall grasses. Zippered pockets are high on my priority list from now on.

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