Friday, April 3, 2009

Woman's Best Friend

Find #194 GC1N83A Woman's Best Friend

Half of GAIN Academy did not want to go to the park today. (Picture a kid walking down the path reading a book.) Once we get there, someone spots a nice place to play and goes down the path. Everyone follows. The books is put away for the rest of the day. Getting everyone out the door is the hurdle. Once you can get everyone outdoors, they're fine.

We kept thinking we would hear frogs, but it was ducks today. Many black ducks (not the American Black Duck, a mallard-like bird). "A" of GAIN suggested that they are migrating. I'll enlarge the photo I took and attempt an ID. I also have audio of its calls. Unless the water goes down and the banks are more exposed and grassy, I doubt we'll have frogs here. The island (GC15HNN NVG's Isle) is tiny. It is still early, though. We remember frogs being around in late April and early May.

Photo inspired by Sarah. Left to right: N, A, juliecache, I, and G.


A Homeschool Story said...

Hi Julie,

I was so happy to see you on my blog, and trying out the "new" (lol) theory!

My boys (10 and 4) went out on an adventure "around the world" for 2 hours in the neighborhood...a huge step for me, and they had the best time!

We may trying caching yet, sounds like fun!


~Maria said...

I love that picture! I have a couple to share with you when I get them uploaded to Snapfish...on our walk yesterday we found galls and we think a goldfinch nest...maybe you can help identify for sure.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I know the black duck looking things you are seeing! We have them on our lake right now, too. I can't remember what they are either. ;(

~Sara said...

I too, love this picture!