Monday, March 30, 2009


Since geocaching gets you out into nature, we have opportunities to see things many others do not. Homeschooling drives this statement further as we can explore outdoors during the daytime. Many people are not able to do this, and we are thankful that we can.

Early springtime here has brought first sightings of many heralds of the season. Members of the Iowa Native Plants list have reported hearing frogs (peepers and chorus frogs) and butterflies. The boys and I saw commas on March 17. I am not sure if there were four or five commas, but seeing them lifts your spirit this time of year. Harlan Ratcliff mentions other butterfly sightings (as well as my sighting) at his website, Poweshiek Skipper. This photo comes from his website.

For the other heralds of spring, we've checked a nearby pond where we've heard and seen frogs, but haven't heard a thing for two weeks. Our plan is to check again tomorrow, for a third week. We remember that the past two years have had some "peeping" but it wasn't strong until late April. So strong that you need to shout in order to be heard.

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