Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack in the Pulpit

Picture taken near GCT1E3, Fishermans Cache, Red Rock Dam area, North Overlook Nature Trail, 2007

I just found this picture. It is really cool, and what you would see right now if you searched for Jack in the Pulpit (Specimen #5 in my 100 Species catalog). Jack in the Pulpit in September is quite different than Jack in the Pulpit in May. You may not see the leaves at all in either month. If you do see leaves, they come in two's from the same point source, sort of like garden bulbs -- they grow from corms like gladiolus, freesia, etc.

Although I have read that Natives Americans prepared the plant somehow to heal sore eyes, this plant is generally poisonous. It contains calcium oxalate. I have also read that Natives would leave the meat of the plant out for enemies' consumption!

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~Sara said...

OH MY GOSH! This is it. This is the picture I just posted on my blog for you to look at! Too funny. Will thought they were "wild raspberries". Funny huh? Good thing I didn't let Drew eat them. He was grabbing for them and I had to remove him from the area. The only red in the whole forest. Very cool.