Sunday, July 27, 2008

I cached today!

Mr. GAIN's relative was visiting from CO and guess what? She just started geocaching! What a way to motivate me to get back on track. I had four geocaches on the radar for this week. We went after all of them and found all four. Thankfully they were all "clean" caches, because I was wearing light colored clothes and sliders/sandals. Hooray for irisheloise! She is a newbie, and I think she found all the caches before I even had a chance to really look. Except for GC1D257 Ol' Flat Top.

The awful weather gratefully came after we were done with our run of four. We were planning to stop by one of my hides, GC1333B Wise Guys, but with a tornado warning, we decided to head home.

My camera was without its memory card (but hey, I remembered it!), so sadly, I have no photo to put here, but you can check the cache logs to verify that I really was there. Here is to dry weather and more caching.

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