Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back on track

Wow, I haven't found a cache in a long time. I stopped quick to get one on my way from Lincoln High School. The flooding has evidently claimed the Great Western Trail, but not the cache. You can see the photo nearby -- "Trail Closed."

How did I get off-track? I'm sure you can guess. How do I get back on track? My plan is to find easy caches to increase my enthusiasm. Instant gratification can work wonders. Although, instant is probably too strong a word for geocaching. 'Instant' rarely happens.

Another part of the plan involves community. I've dropped out of the local scene. I'll have to pay attention to those weekly geocaching email messages for local events. I think I started to feel a longing for the community again when I saw Azrag at a Fourth of July parade. I was reminded of his munchkin and mine playing at an event last year. Aw, how sweet.

The last part of the plan is related to goals. I haven't set a caching goal this year. I see that I am at 168 finds. I have three months left to my three year anniversary. My goal is now to reach 200 finds. I'm planning to expand my tally for out of state caches in a couple weeks.

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