Monday, July 28, 2008

Caching two days in a row! Are we safe?

While waiting for "N" of GAIN to finish his Boy Scout time at the City Council meeting, I cached with the rest of GAIN Academy. I have 175 finds!

We hunted for a couple hides that I have tried in the past. While I am not fond of most caches placed by this player, I liked this one, GC14NA4 Ashawa Park. For one, it's at a park where my kids can play. Second, it's at a place without thickly grown trees in the middle of a neighborhood, so the creepy factor is gone. Let's face it, many geocachers do not place caches and think like a safety-minded single woman. I know that I have educated my husband since we met 20-some years ago about how to help a gal by herself feel safe. I myself have placed caches in wooded suburbia, but only in places that I felt safe. Hopefully, the parks that I have yet to find caches in are safe for me.

Example of parks that I don't totally feel safe in, with kids or without: Southwoods Park in WDM and Brookside Park in Ames. Sometimes I get creepy feelings, or smell cigarette smoke, and yet see no one, in the middle of the day. I haven't avoided those parks altogether, but I am wary of entering certain areas.

Deer hunting season is also a worry. I never know when it begins and ends until I see a sign at the park. I always forget to look at what color shirt everyone is wearing before we leave. Whoever wears the brightest is in front, and we always have to talk and make noise for safety, which I usually don't like. If some hunter dozed off and heard a regular human noise, I feel that we'll be safe. If a napping hunter heard a generic, non-specific to humans noise, then I feel that we're at risk.

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