Sunday, June 8, 2008


Totally wishing for dry weather. Just one dry week would be great. While I wait, I found this from the city's park and rec site:

"Welcome to the Geo-cach (sic) scavenger hunt! Get out your GPS and get ready to play! We have placed "clues" in nine [city] Parks. When you solve the puzzle (complete the sentence) you can bring your answer to the Nature Lodge to get your small prize! So, are you ready? Here are the parks to visit and the GPS coordinates!"

The placer told me about this WAY before the coords were released. I totally forgot about them until this last week. You can go here for specifics. Probably won't count for your totals, but the placement in parks almost guarantees my kids' interest, even without the small prize. They love visiting our local parks.

Yes, the rain gauge is overflowing. From one day's worth of rain.

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