Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bikers and First Park and Rec Find

My first note comes from our walk home from my first park and rec find. Three of my kids and I were on the sidewalk. A young man and woman on bikes came behind us. We heard no call alerting us of their presence. The street was very loud and busy (it's almost always very loud). The man was leading and decided to take the grassy easement, going around and leaving the sidewalk to us. My son saw him
too late and almost walked into him. I really do not like accidents. Bikers, please call out something to the effect of, "Biker on your left!" We walkers can judge your distance and speed fairly well, and will give way to you. I know that it feels funny the first time you call out. Walkers feel funny if they are new to hearing it, but they appreciate it. It's basic bike safety that kids learn.

My first park and rec find was great. I realized as I searched that the website description gives no difficulty, terrain, or size ratings (or hint). So it was a little more fun (or maddening) than caches with all the attributes at gc.com. I now have 8 more words to find before solving the puzzle!

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