Friday, June 6, 2008

Wet land

The weather is crazy! We woke up to 3.7" of rain in the gauge. If we could get one week between rains, I would be happy.

Today we visited a marsh under the leadership of a county naturalist. We have liked all of the naturalists from the county conservation board. We explored the sand prairie before heading to the adjacent wetland. I had never even thought of staying dry during a visit here. In our previous visits, we headed straight for the water. I like having different programming at the same place. Keeping things new is great for us. This is why I like geocaching -- I can visit the same place and have something new to do each time I visit.

My family has used the WDM Park and Rec wetlands park pack for this area. Polk County Conservation Board has park packs as well. I have considered an earthcache for places like this, but then I always think, "I really do not want a lot of people to visit here. I like to come here and not cache. We like exploring without the urgent agenda of a cache. And I would want other people to appreciate this place and linger. Would people stand here, scratch their heads and wonder why we thought this place was cool enough to place a cache. Will people get it?"

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