Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just browsed the photos from our recent road trip with my first find in MO, and found this picture of Mr. NU. Our trip to St. Louis via KC was reminiscent of childhood summer vacation road trips, but with seat belts, winter temps, no parents, and the absence of siblings fighting. We had a lot of good memories come up, especially when we saw and stopped at Stuckey's. Where else can you find a can of boiled peanuts, 3 T-shirts for $10, ice cream, and a tank of gas than a Stuckey's in MO?

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Wheelchair Mama said...

I realized I don't think I've ever commented to you. I didn't know which blog you used more, so I chose this one. You are an inspiration. You seem like one of those do-it-all type of moms. Your kids are just awesome, too.