Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Fairy Door

Fellow geocacher egami established a waymark at Gray's Lake Park (in Des Moines) a while back. I read about it at the forums for the Iowa Geocachers Organization. I've wanted to see it since I read about it, and took the time to do so today -- my first waymark, awww.

"I" of GAIN Academy was ecstatic about the find. To her, it was proof that fairies really exist. She left a note with the hope that she'll re-visit and find an exquisite, hand-written reply, just like the other replies she found in the envelope. Her note said, "I believe in fairies." If you love fairies, you will want to visit this spot.

Two other groups visited the fairy door during our visit to Gray's Lake. One appeared curious just because we were there. The other group seemed to have prior knowledge of the door. (To read more, look at this article written by the local (news)paper.) Since the kids declared themselves "micro-haters," we did not seek any caches. I know we walked by three, but I think I agree with them. Micro-caches are not fun in the cold.

And, as usual, we did not leave the park empty-handed. We can never leave a place empty-handed. Two glass bottles for recycling and a rusty railroad spike left Gray's and accompanied us home.

When we had had enough of the sun and cold, we headed to the warmth of the car and Legion Park to find a geocache. The temperature dropped ten degrees during our visit. (Of course. See rule number two in previous post.) I had a burning desire to re-locate Mumbo Jumbo in order to keep it traveling (naturally, we stopped at Dairy Queen before we started seeking). It seems to be a relatively new travel bug, and I had been holding it much longer than I intended. I can't disappoint a new bug owner. "G" of GAIN recalled our own travel bug being held overly long, and understood the need to get it moving. I chose GC18YG2 Legion Park Hubbard #3 because new geocaches tend to have more traffic, thus increasing the chances that someone will see the travel bug, pick it up, and move it.

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Heather said...

That is really awesome!! Thanks for sharing the fairy door. ;)