Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weather and MO

My first Missouri (MO) geocache -- GCRDJ8 Travel Bug Terminal was easy and entertaining. Mr. GAIN and I had just picked up his business partner, Mr. NU from the Kansas City International Airport (KCI). (By the way, how did KCI turn into airport designation MCI?) Mr. NU had no idea what was going on. That just made me laugh. And I was so happy to actually cache in nice weather (sunny, no breeze, and 60's) that I got my brand new KangaROO shoes muddy.

I chose a travel bug with hopes of getting it out of my hands in 24 hours, as we were on our way to St. Louis, Gateway to the West, and new caching territory for me. After I was settled in the hotel that night, clicking away at the free internet, I couldn't find a cache big enough to fit Mumbo Jumbo! So rule number one note to self: for future caches, research before you go. I would not have chosen Mumbo if I knew I couldn't get him to a new home right away. I feel bad for the owner. Rule number two: the weather never works in my favor. Argh! The next day was terribly windy -- 40 mph southerly winds. Cloudy and sprinkling, cold, I didn't even go out seeking. There is no word to describe my disappointment. I'll have to visit downtown St. Louis another time. From what I saw through driving, it looks like a great place to be an American history student.

When I got back home to WDM that night, I heard that the day had been gorgeous. I thought I would surely would be able to place Mumbo Jumbo in the DSM area. Then rule number two kicked in: winds, from the north this time, 40 mph, sometimes with snow, temps dropping to the single digits as time passed. Hmm. I might have Mumbo Jumbo for a while. He wanted to see a circus, so maybe the weather that follows me everywhere would qualify for a circus. Or the kids of GAIN Academy might be a circus. Now to find the peanuts....

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