Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

On Feb. 20, we watched the lunar eclipse for a couple hours, from its beginning until its midpoint. The moon never totally disappeared for us.

I remember standing out in our front yard with my grandma during a lunar eclipse one summer. We watched the moon turn coppery (and it looked larger than last week). I was expecting something more dramatic than what I saw, but Grandma was quite impressed with how round the moon appeared during the eclipse. I finally understood what she meant last week. I could really see the roundness of it around the edges as it got closer to being completely in the umbra. The edges would flare a bright silver and glint at us, while the reddish middle showed shading like a still life subject in an art class.


Heather said...

How beautiful!! Wish I would have watched it!

sarah said...

We watched it to- from inside!
Thanks for the post on my blog. And to answer your question, yep, it is me :o) I had just been reading your blogs and was like "hey- I know her!".