Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blooming at Thomas Mitchell Park

Here are some flower pictures from my camera, taken at Thomas Mitchell Park last Friday. I don't have good control over where the pictures are displayed on this page. I think you can figure them out: cutleaf toothwort (white with four petals), yellow violet (it's yellow), blue violet (I say it's violet, not blue), jack in the pulpit (the leaf that is bent over), a few fields of many mayapples (no flowers yet, but you can see the "lily pads on stems"). The picture of blue phlox/Sweet Williams and a morel mushroom are in my post from April 27, 2007. There were other flowers that were unopened, too. I am getting frustrated with the photo placement here, so I won't post those photos. Everyone ought to go to a park to see the spring wildflowers. They come but once a year, and your life will be richer because you saw them.

A favorite place for spring blooms is Brown's Woods. By the waterfall, we usually find trout lily (also called dogtooth violet) and squirrel corn, and sometimes Dutchmen's breeches.

Oh yes -- I am closer to having 100 finds. I found GC12B6M Fat Men Can't Jump and GC12D9AIf I Were a Carpenter today, for a total of 90 finds. I think the race to 100 finds will be a slow one, because my life centers around the ball park these days, and will continue to be that way until the middle of June. Hopefully, the weather will keep up the pleasant conditions for us as the ball season progresses. Nice weather also helps for geocaching.

I get my first delivery from Turtle Farm, our CSA, on Thursday - YAY! Asparagus (I have no time or patience for raising this on my own) and two baby tomato plants, Sungold cherry, and one basil plant, too. The tomatoes will go into EarthBoxes, purchased my first summer here, 2000.

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