Monday, May 7, 2007

The Glazed Tree

Since hearing about Stage 2 of Anchors Away, GCZOTX, our older son has wanted to see the "glazed pine tree." So after our trip to the Boy Scout Store, we stopped at the cemetery mentioned in an earlier post. I erased the waypoint from my gps unit, but we were able to find it without a lot of trouble.

Well, the tree wasn't shiny and multicolored like it was back on our first visit here. It was definitely not as impressive looking as it was back in April. I am guessing that is because the weather was not freezing at night. Hm, maybe that is just for maple sap. Anyway, the icicles of sap are still there, and the ground around the tree was built up and discolored from the sap. "C" was impressed, even after the initial let down of not seeing a shiny tree trunk. The boys managed to find some sap to take home to show Dad. You can see some of it here. The samples went home in an empty peanut butter jar that we had in the van.

On the way out of the cache site in Glendale Cemetery, we drove by Mason Made Me Do It, GC119ZT. My youngest and I tried to find it, but we grew increasingly uncomfortable with all the people walking by. "E" found a pale blue egg shell to show everyone, but no cache. We were there between after school and dinner hours. On top of that, I stepped in a huge pond of water. It was really a grass lawn, but with the 3.1" of rain that fell in the last 48 hours, there was no where else for the water to go. So we left. More caching tomorrow. Actually, probably caching on Wednesday.

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