Thursday, August 9, 2012

Logging your visits

This week's email from featured a few ways to leave a great note in the log books. As a cache owner and signing someone else's log book, I agree that I almost live for the details outside of TFTC and TNLNSL. Reading what people said before me is fun!  My kids like to see this type of log as well.

What things do I like to see? What do I like to write in log books?

I like to see things like

  • weather conditions
  • difficulty you had in finding the cache
  • if you liked this find
  • how many finds and attempts you had that day
  • what swag you left and what swag you took
  • who was with you, especially if they were new to the hobby
  • anything notable about the hike -- you saw a possum, you almost got hit by a car, etc.
What the funnest log entry you've read?

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