Thursday, July 12, 2012

Geocaching trading cards, anyone?

As an entrepreneur, I get excited when I read kickstarter pitches. A high school classmate introduced me to it a few years ago. I considered making a pitch there for a film two years ago, but the barn happened. So many good ideas, so little time. I will carry the film idea in my head until I see it made. Some day.

When I was approached by GeoLobo to help with his kickstarter project, I said yes. Anyone can go look at his pitch, here. I asked for some additional information -- you can read it below -- because I find it helpful to have more of a relationship with those I'm conducting business with. Shane is very close to his goal, and I think there are cachers out there who have been looking for something more affordable than a geocoin.

Name: Shane Holmes (aka GeoLobo)Founder of the Blueline Geocaching AssociationLong Lake, NY (Central Adirondack Mountains) in 2005

I began geocaching in 2005 as a means of therapy for a leg injury I received while serving in Iraq in 2004.
I like geocaching because I like the thrill of the hunt and I like to find new and interesting places I wouldn't have otherwise known existed. I am an avid fisherman and through geocaching I have found some great new fishing spots.

I think the best trait of a good geocache, is its aesthetic value. For me, that would be its location.  Whether it be near a beautiful cascading waterfall, or top of a magestic mountian peak, the location is the key to the treasure! I guess I am spoiled, because I live in the center of a 6 million acre park........To read more of his story and see his geocaching trading cards, visit his kickstarter page and pledge by the end of the month!

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