Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Species Challenge #46 May Apple

I finally got my flower shot! Since 2009, I've tried to get a flower snapped. I found a fruit that year, too.

Location: Ft. Des Moines Park

This park has drifts and drifts of may apples, most of them did not have flowers. This particular drift had a lot of flowers, though, and I was so happy to see them because we nearing the end of our hike.

Here is another 'drift' -- you can see the flat blue-green leaves in the center. It's like a little pool in the middle of some scrub.

With this year's crazy warm winter and reports of many spring flowers over the last three weeks, I was doubtful that "I" of GAIN and I would find any ephemerals. Needless to say, I was very pleased to have taken the time with her to hunt. We ended up seeing spring beauty; violets in yellow, blue, and white; trout lily in all stages; and jack in the pulpit. Elm and slippery elm seeds were all over the forest floor. We also spent quite some time holding still while listening to a very loud animal that we're guessing was a deer.

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