Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to make a dandelion chain necklace {tutorial}

I like having my kids enjoy nature, and flower chains are one way to enhance my girls' enjoyment. And flowers work, but dandelions, with their fat stems are easiest to begin with.

What you need:

Dandelions, lots of them. Choose the fattest stems possible.

What to do:

Look at the flower. It has a stem attached. Near the end without the flower, but not on the end, you will want to make a slit in the stem about 3/4" long. This is Flower 1.

Grab another flower. This is Flower 2. Stick Flower 2 into the slit of Flower 1. If you need to make the slit longer, be sure to add length on the flower end of the slit, not the stem end. It should be a little like the eye of a needle.
Continue by making a slit in Flower 2 and putting Flower 3 through it, etc. until you have the size you want.

For a necklace, put the Flower 1 through the stem of the last flower in the chain.

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