Thursday, November 6, 2008

100 Species Challenge -- Species # 28

A BIG THANK YOU to Kay at the Brenton Arboretum for identifying this as a liverwort. I know I've read about this plant in the past. I just couldn't connect the dots when I saw this.

Click on the picture. You'll be able to see the cool texture and patterning on the leaves. I think it is rather pretty.

About 8,500 species of liverwort have been identified. This specimen in the photo looks like green ribbons edged with red. I read that liverwort Astrella has purple margins, so I may have to go back to satisfactorily ID this particular plant. When I found this plant, our trip was cut really short by rain. We tried hard to keep going, but after forty minutes of rain, I had to call it quits. Although my boys found a nice sheltering cave. Then I told them the cave was called "Lover's Rock." That put an end to their layover.

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