Friday, October 3, 2008


Just a note that I may not be putting a lot of trees up here. I've really focused on non-flowering plants since I moved to Polk Co. And now that my sister (and maybe her son) is a tree expert, I feel inferior in tree ID skills. Am I smarter than a 7th grader?


~Sara said...

I am not near a tree expert but I am proud to know what some trees are now! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I traveled to Margo Frankle today. Found the Puff Ball. Did you see that huge one that was brown to the right of it? It was bigger than a basketball. The white one was pretty small in comparison.

juliecache said...

We did not spot the brown one, but it was dusk while we were there. I also found a few places in Mitigwa that were named "frankel" -- interesting. I am guessing that it is named after the same person. Southwoods Park and Browns Woods have really large puffballs, too.