Saturday, September 13, 2008

100 Species Challenge -- Species # 17

Specimen #17 Solomon's Seal

After listing False Solomon's Seal in the 100 Species Challenge, I thought the true Solomon's Seal would be nice. I could not find a spring time photo, but I do have some growing near my house. I shot this today in the rain.

You can see the fruit in this photo. During spring, you will see white flowers, bell shaped, hanging along the stem in pairs, not blueberry-looking fruit. This is one of the differences between the false and true versions of Solomon's Seal. False has flowers (or fruit, depending on the season) gathered at the tip of the stem.

I first recognized this plant without a book at Dale Maffitt Reservoir. It was Father's Day and the shady area where we picnicked had this plant located around the bases of trees. If you wanted to find this place, look in the area sort of near GC15EQJ DUECE (sic, that is local bad speller and geo-hider Bloodlust for you. We like him anyway.).

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