Thursday, September 11, 2008

100 Species Challenge -- Species #16

Specimen #16 Spring Beauty

Claytonia virginica
AKA Fairy Spuds

I couldn't find my photo of Squirrel Corn, so I moved on to other springtime flowers.

I have found this flower almost everywhere in the county. This one was photographed near GCKRV9 Hidden Pathway, now archived. This happens to be the best picture I have of Spring Beauty. All my other ones are really washed out by bright sunlight.

I like the pink stripes on the petals. They are closed at night and on cloudy days.

If someone can stand to dig up this beautiful thing, you could eat the tubers (Fairy Spuds) raw, boiled, or roasted. This website says that they "were relished by Native Americans because of their chestnut-like flavor." Go here, too for an article focused on eating the tubers.

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