Saturday, November 10, 2007

WWFM and E911

Today, the kids and I attended a World Wide Flash Mob. It was fun. We could have done without the wind (this evening is very mild -- same temperature, but no wind). Over sixty folks attended for 15 minutes.

Afterward, we switched out a log book for Ode to Everybody Loves Ray, GC138QR. While turning the car around to leave, we saw a marker with six digits, accompanied by text that read something like, "Call 911 in an emergency and say these six digits." I paid particular attention to this because the Urbandale Parks and Rec Director asked for help with her city's proposed E911 trail markers. Very weird, because the digits did not correspond to anything familiar to me. The kids and I could not figure out what the numbers were referring to. Not similar to any of the coordinates of my nearby cache. Even though it is her turn to talk to me, I think I'll get in touch with her this coming week.

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