Friday, November 16, 2007

Marshall County -- cached!

Yes, I made it to 150 finds -- a couple weekends ago, after the geo-breakfast.

Here is a photo of a corn mountain taken by A of GAIN. We passed this while going to Marshalltown, where "A" had an interview for a youth mentorship with the Iowa Honey Producers. We decided to work toward our goal of caching the 99 counties since we were going to a "new" county. The corn mountain is why we like to keep the windows up and recirculate the ventilation. When we will ever wash the car with all the grain dust in the air?

The first Marshall Co. cache that we tackled was Take the "Diagonal," GCT1WT. We went through Jasper and Story Counties and entered Marshall county all in one minute!

We also found Don't Fence Me In, GCY14V. I like the story of Fence's hider. My friend PhotoV5 and I attended a geo-breakfast in Waukee earlier this year. While there, she found a friend from Guard that she hadn't seen in years -- Merlyn of Camelot. Isn't geocaching great?!

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