Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October (un)happenings

What is up with the weather? Oct. and Feb. have been big caching months for the last two years for me. Even though I am a fairweather cacher, I think that I can still say, "All this rain is ridiculous!" The forecast is seriously dampening my plans for the Clover Kids temporary caches that I need to place for Friday afternoon. So I'm having an un-caching month. On our trip to IL last weekend, I didn't feel one bit motivated to get muddy and score a smiley face before my family reunion. The geocaches will be there for a long time yet, right? I still have chances to get those smileys.

Update on the E911 Urbandale project: The IGO community seems to be fairly warm and ready to the idea of volunteering. I think we just lack details to make decisions on volunteering -- which (portion of a) trail, pertinent dates for beginning and ending, using consistent gps units, etc. Just lots of unknowns out there.

The Parks and Rec director for the city has a meeting tomorrow night that may fill in these blanks. She may also come to the Clover Kids class to learn about geocaching as an activity. Hopefully she'll be able to synthesize all of this information in to something concrete for me.

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