Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Urban caching

PhotoV5 told me that she didn't search for geocaches much in the summer. She also asked for some urban caches that didn't require a long hike in the summer heat. Here is my list of good ones (no poison ivy or itch weed, no long hikes) for summer in the Des Moines area. No particular order. By no means exhaustive.

1. BB Player
2. GCZQAT Mr. Schwab -- one of the best camo jobs. Whenever I drive by it, I feel compelled to ask everyone in the car, "Did you see it?" My husband still has no idea what he is looking for.
3. Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash
4. Man in Black #1 and #3
5. GCWBGD My Name is Merle -- Des Moines history buffs should check this out
6. Pepperoni Cache -- great if you're out running errands
7. Traveling Tracks 1 and 2 -- more history
8. GC12TB Waterbury Gardens
9. Geek Seek
10. GC133B Wise Guys
11. Ode to Everybody Loves Ray
12. Lights Out!
13. Needle and Thread
14. GC14PD4 St. Charles Place
15. GC1398Z Best Bridge in Des Moines
16. GC14BRV Historic Valley Junction -- you need to time this one just right
17. GC129QW Drip, Drip, Drip
18. GC13XXE Drop, Drop, Drop
19. Hope U Stop Ripoff
20. Batter Up!
21. GCVZ1K What the Hail Is It? -- for art lovers
22. all the Camelot's Quest caches by Accounting Goddess (hyperlinked to just one)
23. GCZORB If You Can't Lift It, Fork It!
24. GC12D9A If I Were A Carpenter
25. Enabling Gardens Cache

There are plenty more. I will edit for geographical diversity and add hyperlinks and details later. Happy Caching!

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