Friday, April 27, 2007

The Race to 100 Finds

Finally the sky is clear! I found an easy geocache last night before a meeting. That was my quick fix. PhotoV5 recently said that she was at 99 finds. After I hung up the phone with her, I realized that I am not too far from 100 -- after finding two caches today, I have 88 finds.

For me, part of geocaching is about just being in God's natural world. So today, we spent about five hours in Thomas Mitchell Park just being. We tried to introduce a friend to geocaching at the park, but we found stage one of a multi-stage cache instead of a regular cache, so no immediate treasure. Rather anti-climactic.

My favorite spring time flowers are beginning to emerge. Spring flowers always remind me of my grandmother. She and I hiked in our woods and looked at flowers when I was young. I remember her talking about searching for mushrooms, but I don't recall ever looking for mushrooms with her or seeing any on our property. Here is a photo of what my grandmother called "sweet williams." In books, I see it listed as phlox.

We also saw a man with a lingerie bag half-full of morel mushrooms. We looked once last year for the fun of it, and were unsuccessful in finding any. The man let us hold and feel a couple of them. He said that he had looked for about two hours, and that he and his wife use morels in the same way that I would use button mushrooms.

We also saw frogs, tadpoles, birds, squirrels, and more flowers, some in bloom, some not. I was finally able to make my first report on Project Budburst for two Jack-in-the-pulpits (To use the project's terms, "first flower" -- ha! More like "only flower." I don't know that I have ever seen a patch) that my older daughter found, and for numerous patches of mayapple ("full leaf"). I've been waiting all month to use my gps-r for this.

I also made a track log a la _Fun with GPS_. I hope to work more on the track log next week. I just found out that student portfolios are due next weekend, so that means I need to arrange materials nicely this weekend in order to have the mail delivered to our portfolio assessor next weekend. As usual, business first.

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Pamela said...

Very nice and nature-ful weblog entry. I like that you bring the Iowa outdoors online.