Friday, March 9, 2007

Why am I here?

I started this blog because my husband thought that I should have one. Evidently he has thought this for some time. Most recently, I was told that my life on the web seems to have untapped value, what with all the crafting and event production in my life. Where did that thought come from?

I had no idea how and when he started thinking about me having a blog. When Scotty and Fiddy, two cool Canadian guys, were here, Matt asked them what they used to keep their website up to date. "Blogger," Fiddy said. I thought maybe Matt wanted to have a blog. He said that he wasn't going to blog, but that I ought to have a blog. I had no desire at the time. I didn't even want to ask Scotty and Fiddy about their website.

Matt just mentioned again this month, March 2007, that I ought to have a blog. We'll see what happens. I may find a direction for this untapped potential (my life) as I grow up.

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