Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Testing my photograph

The kids and I recently had my two nephews out exploring and geocaching with us. We saw this colony of cliff swallow nests, along with nests of other birds, under a bridge in Des Moines, near GC101RF, How Can That Be Magnetic? Cliff swallows are here during the summer. Their relative, the barn swallow, also makes a nest of mud, but it has a cup shape that is open on top and mixed with grass. You can see one here, and under the same bridge as these jug or gourd shaped nests. Barn swallow nests are not colonial and I think they look messier because of the grass. I have found barn swallow nests near each other, maybe two or three in one area and not nearly touching like these cliff swallow nests. Since the birds had not come back when I took this photo, we were able to explore a quiet and poop-less area. >snicker< Is it OK to say the word poop?

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Z*lda said...

Wow, cute bird's nest picture. I never knew that swallows built nests under bridges like that. We are in Dubuque & now I know what to look for. Thanks for sharing!