Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mice in Winter

In the spirit of Harmony Art Mom's Outdoor Hour Challenge, I'm going to talk about mice in winter.

On Friday, A of GAIN and join one of our home school groups for snowshoeing through a park. A county naturalist is leading the way. (He's the tall one.)

He talked about the many tracks we saw, including mouse tracks. He went on to tell us about mice, running around in burrows above the soil.

Fast forward 24 hours. My husband and I are walking around a prairie, without snowshoes.

Winter walking without snowshoes is totally do-able, especially when you have proper winter clothing. For example, we invested double digits in thermal socks for the family this year.

(and i geocached, too. post on that will come later.)

We heard and saw birds, and saw a lot of animal tracks, including mouse tracks. We didn't see any people tracks.

I laughed when I saw this on the trail.

Mouse tracks in front of mouse burrows/beds. They must wake together and attack the night en masse.

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