Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Geocaching in Adel

I'm getting close to a milestone -- 250 geocaches. I had to take a geocaching break for my skin to heal, since wild plants really aggravates it. Yes, my skin is pretty upset with me for caching the other day, so I after a few attempts in the woods, I stuck to urban caches while in Adel the other day.

What a fun town to cache in! Adel is a fairly cache-dense, and nothing is very far away from anything. Here's an overview of my morning.

Gotta have a welcome sign for a small town.
I thought this was a cute cache -- GC16EGB.
Where do we go from here?
OLD Gold, GC3PK84, was a place I had chosen to visit before I knew a geocache was placed there. Being a gal who values history, I was sad that I had to visit on a day when the museum was closed.
OLD Gold
And my favorite was Brickyard, GC16H86, because I studied brick and tile making in college. We did not visited this plant (United), but we did visit a Glen-Gery Brick plant in nearby Redfield.

My morning ended by eating lunch at Brick Street Books and Cafe. The special was half a sandwich, a bowl of the soup of the day, and a slice of pie for $6.50. Everything tasted good, and the pies were FANTASTIC.

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