Thursday, January 3, 2013

Waymarking in WA

Winter snow is plentiful in the state of Washington, so I was unable to find the many geocaches in WA. There was just too much snow. We got 16" our first night, and more snow every day afterward. We loved it!

I was able to see a few waymarks, which -did not- require hiking through wet snow and digging. There weren't many waymarks where we stayed, but here is one cool waymark: Roslyn Coal Mines

The entire town of Roslyn is part of a National Historic District. The mine maps were crazy. We went into a limestone mine earlier this year, so this was interesting for us to compare.

We were actually staying outside of Roslyn, on the edge of town called Ronald. Here is the Fire Station:

The Post Office occupied the front hallway of a church. See the notices posted on the bulletin board outside?

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