Tuesday, May 29, 2012

100 Species Challenge #80

Specimen #80 -- Field Bindweed
Convulvulus arvensis

Photos by me
Memorial Day 2012 along a bike path

While out searching for Juneberry and mulberry trees (gotta get that harvest in and make jelly and syrup while I can), I found this plant. Having just bought a 75 cent booklet Vine Weeds of the North Central States from the Prairie Point Bookstore (clearance! The store is inside the Prairie Learning Center), I had to photograph it and look it up once I got home. I actually knew what this was, but I wanted to see how confusing the booklet was to use. Sometimes they're pretty bad. This one is not as bad as I thought it might be. The booklet is very focused on eliminating the vines (notice "Weeds" in the title and the name of the plant?) The photos in the book are not the greatest, and there is no scale or ruler to assist you, but working through the book is fairly easy, even for a beginner.

The government lists this weed as introduced and invasive. I always liked finding it in our backyard prairie when I was growing up because its color and shape were like a party balloon in a field of grass.

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