Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Staying in a condo

Our trip to Colorado included a few mid-weeknights in a condo. My husband took a risk in booking a condo -- arrangements were made privately with one family, there wasn't national level corporate support for complaints should something not work out, we didn't know anyone who had stayed there before....

For our family of 6, this worked out beautifully. It was like staying at an aunt or uncle's house, but the aunt or uncle was out of town. We had a boy bedroom, a girl bedroom, and a master bedroom. We also got a fully furnished kitchen, fireplace, deck, safe and nearby parking spot, two full bathrooms, and -- SCORE! -- a washer and dryer. Because we were not staying there only to sleep, but to eat two meals a day and have down time at night and do laundry, the condo worked out fantastically. My oldest remarked, "It's a dining room table that we can all fit at!"

The furniture was very nice and clean and there was enough for all of us to have a seat. The owners and previous renters left a great movie library, jigsaw puzzle, grocery store savings club membership card, etc. for us. We used them all.

One benefit that we were unable to use was the clubhouse. The resort had a clubhouse where construction was occuring. We were fine without it, but knowing that we paid for an amenity that wasn't available was a little hard for me.
I woke up to see this every morning.

The cost was the same as a hotel, but without the pull-out couch, understocked kitchenware, a dinky eating table, and one tiny bathroom. I give condos two thumbs up.

(If you are staying in Breckenridge, look up Ski and Racquet Club on Hwy 9.)

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