Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to have a successful nature walk

southwoods (1) 1

How to have a successful nature walk
  1. Have a goal. My goal was to collect hickory nuts and have fun.
  2. Pick a good location based upon your goal. 
  3. Invite your kids and friends to join you.
  4. Take your time.
  5. Leave the path.
I chose a city park with hickory nuts. My grandma told me that her family used to hunt for nuts, usually finding walnuts, and that hickory nuts were special. I completely agree. Hickories are not available in stores usually, and they are easy to find where I live. The closest commercial nut they are similar to is probably pecans, for texture and taste.

My youngest and her friend went with me, armed with plastic shopping bags. After hunting for about ten minutes, we had 100 nuts. [We were able to get the outer shell off of about 2/3 of them once home. They fill 2/3 of an ice cream bucket. We also found and kept a few black walnuts for my father-in-law.]

Once we finished "harvesting," we walked along the trail and took our time. Enjoying nature means leisure for me. Then we left the trail for the water, which is another sort of trail.

southwoods (2) 1

Because we started out well before sunset, I wasn't worried about the amount of time we took in the woods. Or the water.

Also bring your curiosity. We found fish, bones, a large hidey hole, and a crayfish near each other.
southwoods (9) 1 The hole was really large. It was not a tunnel.

southwoods (10) crayfish "I" of GAIN spotted this. It moved backward very fast. We were all too chicken to pick it up.


evershin biotek said...
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Bromeliad said...

Crawdads can pinch pretty good. Probably best not to pick it up. :)