Friday, June 3, 2011

4-H and homeschool geocaching programs

I love showing people that geocaches are EVERYWHERE if you know where to look.

I had two different groups of kids in the last week, and I was happy to have them find "real, official" geocaches.

Having parents be involved is also helpful. I remember when my then-fourth grader explained geocaching to me. She was at camp by herself and while she had a report about the week's activities, she  brought no papers home to help show me what the game of geocaching was. When you are younger, explaining things can be hard. Over a year later, I learned from a gal at church that a website listed geocaches and that you needed a gps. Once I poked around online and opened a dialogue with my daughter using geo-terms, tons of information came out of her!

My 1.5 - 2 hour programs consist of explaining latitude and longitude with a globe, explaining how gps technology works with a PowerPoint slide show, giving details to what a geocache is and how to place/find one with another slide show. Participants then enter coordinates into gps units for one cache, and work in teams to find at least one "real, official" geocache and up to three temporary caches.

One mom from the homeschool program wrote about finding geocaches during weekend after the program. The family found three caches and said: "We had a great time and are excited to do more.  I have to go home now and log them all in.  Thanks so much for getting us started."

To learn more about homeschooling programs, visit Three Sisters website.

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