Saturday, April 2, 2011

Follow up to 100 Species Challenge #44

Sandbar willow again. This time, in basket form. The awesome Kay led a small group of us in willow weaving. She stated that fourteen willow species exist in Iowa, citing weeping and slender willows as well as sandbar willow.

I'll have a details post on this topic at  (tag: Crafy Monday). You might want to visit over there because blogger likes to rotate my pictures. WordPress only rotates when I tell it to.

While I've made free-from willow baskets for decoration, I learned to make a practical basket this week. I'm getting close to being done:

What really helped was working on a sandbar. The sand anchors your work without harming it.

This is something my kids can do happily while I'm out caching. Willows can also be used for wreaths (crowns) and mats if baskets are too much.

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