Monday, May 10, 2010

100 Species Challenge #68 Plantain

While out searching for GC1XMPR Wooden a ladder be nice, I passed by today's 100 Species Challenge Plant.

Specimen #68  Plantain 

Plantago major

photo by me

You can read more than you ever wondered about plantain at this local blog (its author is the reason that I was hyperaware of this plant).

I'm much too short to get the Wooden a ladder be nice geocache all alone. I did get this nice shot at Ground Zero:

Cool, eh? Two mushrooms in the hole of a tree, way above my head. I think the tree bark looks like rocks.

Yes, a ladder would have been nice. And don't ask me how I got a shadowy hole under shade in the cloudy late afternoon to look "sunny." I have no idea. It just came out of the camera that way. I don't know that I even double checked my image before leaving the tree. There may be an elf living in my camera case.

The mushrooms picture is my contribution to Sweet Shot Tuesday. You never know what treasures you'll find while geocaching. And I would have participated in last week's Sweet Shot Tuesday -- we had a fantabulouso day at a friend's acreage, and my fave shot from our time there was of other people's kids. )-:

Sweet Shot Day

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