Saturday, February 27, 2010

The county shows its love for me

During our very cold December, I worked a jigsaw puzzle. I had my laptop in the same room and checked out some of Polk County Conservation Board's (PCCB) videocasts and podcasts for some educational audio entertainment. Videos and podcasts are typical entertainment for me while my hands or legs are busy but my mind is not. The Conservation Board videos and podcasts were produced by REAP. At the end of my watching and listening, I took a survey. The survey helps assess the value of the both projects. I am all for data and expressing value in something I believe in. The surveys were easy to take. 

I forgot that completing the video survey would get me a drawstring bag made of 100% recycled plastic fiber, so when it came today, I was confused. The envelope was big and from the PCCB. I knew that I hadn't received an invoice for my company's last program (read about it here), but the envelope was too large to be a piece of paper. Once I opened the envelope, I thankfully saw a note in the pocket explaining the bag. I quickly decided that my kid's old lavendar Hello Kitty drawstring bag didn't need to be my geocaching bag anymore. Contents transferred and now I'm ready to go.

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