Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a GIRL!

Our chrysalis grew darker after hanging more than seven days. The gold and black dots were like embellishments on a polished piece of green chrysoprase. Very beautiful. We all loved to wonder at it. But it changed. Daily. The wings of the adult grew more visible each day, as if someone was embossing the chrysalis deeper and deeper around the veins.

On the ninth day, we were like expectant parents. The chrysalis kept getting darker and darker. Not wanting to miss anything, someone would sit near the chrysalis at all times. Once nighttime fell, I knew it wouldn't come until morning. The butterfly would need warmth from the sun. "N" of GAIN and I took many pictures.

After pupating for ten days, we found we had a GIRL! She has thicker veins and no male scent spots on the lower wings to release pheromones (butterfly aftershave).

From egg to adulthood, keeping a monarch is very easy, as long as you have an easy way to feed the larva. I love that you can have a pet without needing a lot of maintenance and time -- you can't really pet it or keep it for very long, only about a month.

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