Friday, July 31, 2009

Muncher grows

Back on July 28, I measured Muncher, then thought I'd take a rest day since his growth wasn't spectacular. Looking back, I think he's like my kids. They grow in spurts. The times when they do not grow, they are just storing up energy for a large growth spurt.

On the porch, July 30, he was 9/16" at dusk. That was only 1/16" of an inch since his last measurement.

July 31, in his jar, (I used a tape measure) he measured 13/16" in the morning. That's 1/4" overnight. And I just looked at him now. He looks like he's grown during the day!

As I dropped off my youngest at camp yesterday, I plucked two leaves off a milkweed plant and ended up with two tiny babies on one leaf. So now we have three monarch larvae, born about a week and a half apart.

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