Monday, April 20, 2009

Find #196

<-- G of GAIN skateboards down the nearby rope bridge.

Big Mamma's House, GC16YEQ, was a fairly quick find. We had a son's friend along, and practiced good stewardship by using a found plastic shopping bag for Cache In, Trash Out (CITO).

CITO will accompany us during our programming on Earth Day, where we hope to find and identify animal tracks with a guide. This program is presented by a fairly new nature club on I am interested to see how this group evolves as its members seem to come from all walks of life. I'm wondering if it will truly supplement programming that is already available. Does our community have any underserved populations that need different times and different types of programs? Will it be a unifying or bridging group for the current nature programmers of Saylorville Lake, the county, and the cities?

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Mama B said...

I'm to tired to figure out if I *can* figure out where you were at...but I've got to know where is that park at?!