Wednesday, April 8, 2009

100 Species Challenge -- Species # 43

Specimen #43 Honey Locust Tree

BIG SPOILER ALERT for GC1N83A Woman's Best Friend

Setting aside the NVG's twisted sense of humor, here is a common tree. I saw it today at Walker Johnston Park where I made finds #196 (GC16YEQ Big Mamma's House) and 197 (GC1J6K7 (dd) The Tall One) and of course find #194 (listed above). You can see the thorns year round. My kids have the idea,which I can completely understand, that these thorns were early American needles. They collect these thorns with the hopes of sewing with one. (They are still waiting for the sinew and hide to stitch.)

Natives used every part of this tree for food and medicine.

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