Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hail Storm!

Before the girls club meeting, we got caught up in the educational goodness of a hail storm. And the fun. And the practicality of moving the hose from the gutter as it became clogged with hailstones.

Because I had read Weather, from the Golden Book Series, as a youth, I remembered the layers. The layers of a hailstone come from its passing through supercooled zones inside a thunderhead. The one in the photo has at least three layers. "G" of GAIN read from Weather that hailstones can travel up to 75,000 feet before dropping to the ground.

We've been geocaching through a couple rainy days. Light rain does not deter me much. Slippery mud, yes; getting wet, no. We usually just nature hike away from the mud if rain starts to fall. I remember my grandpa laughing at us when we came in from a rainy walk. But it was fun. Fun stuff happens when rain comes. Like leopard frogs in Margo Frankel Woods. It muffles our sounds and scents, which helps us as we look for animals. I completely recommend hiking during a rain. Not a storm, but a shower.

Today's weather would definitely keep me inside from caching. I usually consider weather before a cache hunt. Lightning is a bad condition. Hail is not comfortable either. Weather is certainly something that I try to plan for when placing a cache. Winter weather maintenance also deters me from placing geocaches.

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